A low cost Near Infra Red (NIR) sensor-based block-chained AI – platform for soil and crop monitoring in near-real-time

Vision & Approach
Sensing in agriculture is ripe for disruption
Incumbent sensing technologies in crop and soil health are huge in investment, cost and size, and thus  making it inaccessible to the farmers. As a result, agriculture data pipeline is broken or non-existent in India
Cropulse – the power of lab in your hand
Cropulse Sensor is a hand held sensor, which pairs with the mobile phone and is capable of soil nutrients such as NPK and other micro-nutrients.
Key innovations and offerings
Basics of Cropulse Sensor
CropPulse has two NIR sensors.
The device has a test-tube like holder to hold soil solution (mixed with water)
The device is able to connect to the mobile over a Bluetooth interface.

To measure the nutrients, the crop leaf is placed between the two sensors

To measure the soil nutrients, a solution of soil with water is injected into the capillary
Working of Cropulse
Mobile App for Crop Planning and Data acquisition