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Energy Management and Demand Response

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Smart Device Control

Low cost device control from cloud and mobile application providing convenience and energy saving

Transformer Monitoring

Low cost distribution transformer monitoring for power quality and predictive maintainance

Energy Analytics

Advanced energy analytics for your home and building to help identify high energy consuming loads

Demand Response

Loyalty programs and incentive schemes to participate in peak load shifting based demand response

Installed Capacity


Peak Demand


Demand Shortage


Distribution Loss


The Result

In-spite of having a installed capacity of that is almost twice that of peak demand, there is a power shortage of 10%. Why is it so?

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Did you Know?

How we are contributing to demand shortage without even noticing it?

User behavior contributes a lot to unnecessary energy wastage. To know about the impact of user behaviour on energy consumption, click on the button below

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Smart Energy Solution for significant gains in energy management and user convenince

Urjalinks smart switch is a retrofit remote control device and uses AI techniques to understand user behavior to derive control patterns for the device and hence automating energy management

Smart Switch Controller

Low cost wifi enabled smart switch that retrofits into any switch board

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Mobile Application

A mobile application to remotely control devices from anywhere in the world

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Cloud Based Analytics

Cloud based analytics for personalized energy saving recommendations

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Urjalinks Smart Switch Offering

Retrofit -> Simple -> Innovative

Urjalinks Smart Switch is unlike any other offering in the
market. It is a innovative, affordable, simple solution that
can be retrofitted into existing switch boards. It does not
change user experience and at the same time loads can be
controlled using mobile application or via cloud service

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Advanced Analytics on Energy Data

For Right Service to Control Your Device

At Urjalinks we offer a wide range of services to select from. The service range include simple device monitoring and control to advanced analytics based control of devices. The services are available on a monthly subscription basis

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Indian Institute of ScienceDept. of Electrical Engg.

“By far the best solution I have seen in the smart home domain. It is not only a cost effective solution, but at the same time the the analytics learns from user behavior and automates the device control”

Phytec Embedded SystemsOperations Manager

“We have been involved in design and beta testing of the smart switch. Meets all safety specifications. The analytics engines learns user behaviors and recommends energy saving service is icing on the cake,”

4EverPayment SolutionsCo founder

“I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they have one hell of a product which not only provides convenience of controlling devices from anywhere, but also helps save energy.”

Godke BuildersOperations Manager

“I am builder and used to spend huge amount to make the homes I build smarter, until I found urjalinks offering. It is one of most cost effective solutions and I am very happy to partner with them for my upcoming projects”

Smart Energy StartupCo-founder

“One of the most innovative projects in the market. The failover and failback feature provided by the product is only one of its kind. We are also talking to them to integrate their solution into our offering”

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